4 Tips to improve your Confidence

Let’s talk about this, this word can be a little scary if you feel like you don’t have the energy to show for. Often, when we think of confidence, we think of the person who is the loudest in the room, who can captivated attention, and/or are able to shine outwardly. At some point we all have had this thought but its not just about that… confidence comes with action. 

Who is the person that you want to become within 6 months?

What is she/he doing?

Who are you surrounding yourself with?

Confidence doesn’t come with dreaming, it comes with action and practice. After you have thought about those questions, start putting them into action. Not 6 months from now… TODAY.

Do something or say something that you normally wouldn’t, the things that make you the most uncomfortable are more than likely your inward self telling you to grow and evolve, don’t hold back on the things you don’t feel ready for jump into, learn and be okay with the unknown. This is how your confidence and character building starts.

Let’s break it down…

1] Positive Thinking

Positive thinking can be quite difficult when our brains naturally want to protect us from any uncomfortable feeling that might arise. A lot of us go into negative thinking when it comes to newness and the unknown but we are here to confidently say you can make yourself aware of your thinking patterns and rewrite them into positive thoughts. Start small and with positive “I am“ affirmations daily and watch the difference in your confidence and attitude about the things you desire.

2] Celebrate Small Wins

Did you know when you allow yourself the space to pat yourself on the back, even for the smallest things, it builds self assurance? Which then leads to confidence and knowing that you got it! Do it, try it, then let us know how it goes. The small wins matter the most, why? Because they are stepping blocks and practices for your big wins in the future. It’s okay to be proud of the small wins, too.

3] Take Action

Let’s go a little deeper with taking action. When it comes to our goals, we are all capable of taking action! It is our thoughts and feelings that hold us back. When you take action, it builds trust and confidence in within. Even if it’s scary, the most successful people don’t wait when they’re scared, they jump in and take action on the thing they are wanting, even if they have no idea how they will get to the end goal. Action pushes you forward. 

4] Surround Yourself with Positive People

What’s that old saying? You are who you hang around? If you want to be more confident, be around people who carry that trait. Positive people will give life to you and negative people drain life out of you. When going after your goals and dreams, you need people that uplift, support, and evolve with you as you are on your personal success journey. Avoid negative people who bring you down. 

There’s so many other tips and tricks we could share to help with confidence but here are some that have helped countless people. It is scientifically proven that majority of our actions stem from reoccurring thoughts. Its a choice that we have to make for ourselves. We are rooting for you and we hope you take some of these tips and implement them in your life.


Photographs by Johnny Theophilus

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