herbossydiaries: Adapting the Art of Gratitude


As a woman stepping into her power, one of the simplest ways to do so is through gratitude. The art of gratitude changes your brainwaves, promoting a happier, more positive outlook on yourself and the world around you. It’s quite simple, so why do we make it so complicated?

One might say, “I have too much chaos going on in life, what is there to be grateful for?” Sometimes, all it takes is lighting up that match in a dark room to see the beauty that surrounds you daily. Let me help you with a few fun and simple ways you can start implementing the art of gratitude in your life.

Why should you adapt the mindset of gratitude?

Becoming conscious allows you to truly connect with your intuition, trust in yourself, and embrace who you really are. By being conscious of the things you are grateful for, you become magnetic to the possibilities, connections, and beauty that you already embody from within. Gratitude starts to change your physical reality, making you feel less judgmental about the things around you, and helping you appreciate the beauty life has to offer. You become what your heart desires and yearns for.

Why be grateful?

Start celebrating the victories you overcome daily, no matter how small they may seem. In those moments, you pave the way for gratitude. Practicing gratitude is a conscious decision that helps elevate your thoughts. Think of your thoughts as the architects of your reality. Here are some scientifically proven benefits of gratitude:

•Increased happiness

•Stronger relationships

•Improved sleep

•Enhanced confidence

•Reduced anxiety

•Improved physical and mental health

•Less aggression and more openness and empathy towards others

How to practice the art of gratitude?

Take walks! Did you know that allowing yourself some time to get outside and enjoy nature, different types of architecture, and experience the sensations of the breeze or sun on your skin can trigger moments of gratitude? This is also a good time for meditation and expressing the things you are grateful for daily. It will open your heart to the beauty that surrounds us each day.

Give someone a compliment! When you shift your focus away from yourself for a moment and acknowledge someone else’s beauty, whether physical or not, it’s the quickest way to increase happiness and make you feel more energetic.

Switch negative thoughts to positive! For every negative thought you have, allow yourself to say out loud a positive thought. Watch your mood change.

It starts today. Implement some of these small habits into your daily routine and witness the transformation in your days and your life. <3

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