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Photo by Mary Novak @prairieandwild

This is something we’ve been wanting to do for the better part of 3-4 years.

There isn’t many publications in the midwest that are strictly covering artist and creatives. There’s a lot of entrepreneurial blogs out there but we don’t often see the creative genius of our communities being highlighted. So here we go…

Fashion is far beyond what’s seen or understood at the surface, it’s a way of life. Fashion and style is one of the most tangible forms of art and self expression being that it’s something we all do by default, whether we like it or not. Fashion and style is the everyday armor that we put on to navigate our pain, success, sadness, or joy.

At wake, we believe that it’s time to highlight the creatives and artist of our communities through a new lens, along with the professionals and entrepreneurs of our communities that are hustling everyday towards a goal.

Welcome to THEYSELF. – an Arts and Culture blog focused on FASHION + CULTURE + LIFESTYLE.


Photo by Caitlin Slaba @caitlinslabaphotography


Our goal is to highlight individuals from our communities [Chicago and Sioux Falls] monthly as we warm up, with hopes of connecting with and telling stories on artist, creatives, entrepreneurs, and professionals not only in the midwest but across the states.

At wake we are driven to use our platforms to educate and spread the love. So, as for THEYSELF. – this is a place where you will find all types of media!


In a nutshell – THEYSELF. will be a platform for artist and hustlers.


Thank you for joining us! We look forward to seeing more of you as we get started!

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