Grayson Muller: “Doing what you love is vital to a successful life.”


a series highlighting the emotions and personal practices of a hustler striving towards unwavering self-belief.

What is one thing in your life, positive or negative that has changed your perspective on self-belief?

Manifestation has changed my entire vision of self-love and belief. Believing in yourself is a power in itself. When I realized that in order to achieve my manifestations, I needed to have self-belief first, everything changed. If you don’t believe it’s going to happen for yourself, neither will anyone else. Understanding the importance of belief has greatly benefited my life. On the other hand, it’s also important to acknowledge the manifestations you don’t receive. You can falter and still believe in yourself, seeing the light and dark in both sides helps you maintain that belief. It shows that we are human, and under belief and hard work, anything is achievable.

Have you felt accepted or like the black sheep throughout your life?

I’ve always felt like the black sheep but never in a negative view. I embrace being different, and for most parts of my life, I have expressed that freely. I believe surrounding yourself with people who challenge beneficial aspects of your life is important. Not feeling accepted doesn’t have to be a negative thing; it’s all about perception. If you don’t feel accepted, it’s okay to have emotions, but remember that there are people and places that will accept you. You just have to find them. Understanding this has made me love doing things differently. I can express myself with my personal style and not feel judged for it. I will never adjust who I am just to be accepted in a space or by someone. I always prioritize what brings me peace and think outside the box, which leads to success. I feel accepted around people, things, and places that are meant for me.

In relation to the last question, what makes you, YOU?

What makes me who I am is my unique view of life. Whether it’s through my brand, modeling, fashion, music, or my lifestyle, anything I do is an expression of myself. Understanding who you are is a result of your vision. I don’t feel like myself when I am not being true to who I am, and only I can truly understand what that means. Just like you can only understand how you feel like you, because we are all different human beings, and that’s what makes life beautiful.

How would you define success?

To me, success is when you genuinely feel happy. If you go to work and you are excited to do your job, that’s success. Anyone can make a million dollars or be on television, but not everyone can find true happiness. Having a priority to do what you love is vital for a successful life. Success comes when you have a positive mindset and can recognize the energy around you.

How often do you reflect on life? Are these thoughts enlightening?

I love reflecting on the positive aspects of my life, as it fills me with a sense of pride. Looking back on moments when I wanted more and comparing them to where I am now is truly enlightening. However, I believe that too much reflection can lead to a spiral of emotions. It’s important to live in the present, focusing neither too much on the past nor the future.

Where do you feel most confident? At home? In professional environments? Nightlife?

Personally, I feel most confident when I see myself achieving the things I once wanted. I may question whether I deserve those things, but when I achieve them, it reminds me that I am worthy and capable. Confidence comes with experience, so the more I learn and grow, whether in my brand or modeling, the more confident I feel in my craft. I also feel confident when I am wearing a great outfit, with my hair and makeup done, and jewelry on!

What does work/life balance mean to you?

To me, balance is everything. Just as you need darkness to appreciate light and heat to feel cold, work and life must be balanced. You must have fun and live life in order to have work opportunities, and vice versa. The purpose of life is simply to live and do what makes you happy. When you focus too much on work and making money, the happiness in your life slowly diminishes. This can also be reversed. If you focus too much on having fun and neglect putting in any work, your opportunities will slowly fade away. Having balance in all aspects of your life, particularly between work and living your life, is crucial.

What do you think the key to having a healthy relationship with self is?

Simply by realizing that you are capable of having a healthy relationship with yourself, you can start to love and appreciate who you are. Often, people struggle to love themselves because they are overly concerned about others. However, once you come to the realization that fostering healthy relationships outside of yourself requires first building a strong connection within, everything begins to change. Personally, I believe that in order to have a healthy relationship with anyone, whether it’s romantic, friendly, or familial, it is essential to understand my own identity and find joy in what truly makes me happy. This self-awareness and self-love are crucial for building genuine connections with others. So, understanding this concept became the key to learning how to love myself.

What is one thing that you value most in outside relationships? Friendships, family, romantic relationships, etc.

Trust. Trust. Trust. If you say you are going to be there or do something, I expect you to follow through. The most valuable connections I have, whether they are family, work-related, or friendships, are the ones built on trust. I believe that trust is closely tied to communication, being honest, and open. These values are essential to me, and I don’t settle for connections that don’t bring trust to the table.

What does self-acceptance mean to you or look like to you?

Self-acceptance to me is when you feel genuine. I accepted myself when I was no longer ashamed to be myself and when I could portray a true sense of who I am in all the work I do. Feeling genuine and knowing that the work and energy I put out into the world truly represents me is a great feeling. When I can show up and genuinely know who I am as a person, it allows others to see the real me as well.

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