Let’s talk about Mental Health | Mental Health Awareness Month 2023


Often times, it’s easy to be silent and “sit in the back of the room” on our struggles. The truth is, our communities need help.

At wake, we are driven to use our platform as an outlet to invest back into our communities.


This year, for Mental Health Awareness Month, we partnered with Lost&Found, rasing awareness and proceeds towards the work that they do across the state of South Dakota with suicide prevention help and mental health support.

“In 2009, two 16-year-olds debated on Facebook whether writing the word “love” on their arms would be enough to help their friends struggling with mental health and suicide ideation. Over 10 years later, their spirit and idea – to do more to prevent suicide – has guided Lost&Found to apply proactive measures to serve young adults in South Dakota and the surrounding region.” — Lost&Found


Sometimes it’s hard to use our voices when we’re in the midst of the storm. We’re stronger together because of organizations like Lost&Found, not only during the month of May.

Our clothing at wake goes far beyond t shirts and hoodies, wake goes beyond Street/wear in itself but “KNOW THEYSELF. LOVE THEYSELF.” is a movement – it’s culture. We are very thankful for the work that Lost&Found does within our community and are looking forward towards continuing our support in the work that they do.


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