Pharrell Williams’ debut Louis Vuitton Menswear show in Paris

A lot of us know Pharrell Williams for his artistic genius as a music producer, and creative director, his influence on fashion, streetwear, art, culture, early records with Jay Z, Kanye West, and the list goes on. 

Succeeding Virgil Abloh as Creative Director of Louis Vuitton Menswear, Pharrell Williams debut show in Paris this week is creating a lot of conversation.

We grew up watching how the Neptunes [N.E.R.D] influence on the world inspired a new feel and approach to fashion and streetwear. One of his early brands being “Ice Cream’ founded in 2004 as a subsidiary of his 2003 brand “Billionaire Boys Club”, founded by Pharrell Williams and NIGO are brands we can say changed the scope of the world’s view on Hip Hop culture. 


One thing we can all agree on is Williams taste for interesting color pantones, partners, textures, and his overall view on art and creativity. He’s done it in music, production, art, fashion, and so many other channels of creativity. Our biggest takeaway from his debut Louis Vuitton Mens Wear show is how the word “Fresh” transcends Hip Hop Culture in itself. The pixelated silhouettes quickly bring us back to childhood, our earliest memories is where we all find some of our deepest creative thoughts and expressions. It’s an interesting play on the LV monograms that we’ve all grown up with.

“Pharrell Williams creative vision beyond fashion will undoubtedly lead Louis Vuitton towards a new and very exciting chapter” – Pietro Beccari, Louis Vuitton’s Chairman and CEO said in a statement


Good times in fashion. From a streetwear perspective, it’s a dream come true to see visionaries like Pharrell Williams, succeeding Virgil Abloh, kicking down more doors for the culture in Paris. 


We are excited to see more to come from Pharrel as he warms up and steps into his new position at LVMH. 

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