Raquel Curriel: “Being the person that your future self is proud of.”


a series highlighting the emotions and personal practices of a hustler striving towards unwavering self-belief.

What is one thing in your life, positive or negative that has changed your perspective on self-belief?

For me, there’s been a number of experiences throughout my life and youth that have affected my self-belief perspectives. As a teenager, I focused too much on the media and what others thought of me and took that on as my original self-belief which was mainly negative thoughts about myself not being as capable as others to accomplish what I’d want to in life because of my social status, ethnicity, and just viewing myself through the eyes of others.

I am so glad that I didn’t believe that for too long after finishing high school and moving to a bigger city to pursue my career goals and gain experience in many different roles. I think the experiences that really affirmed to me that I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to were the most difficult ones where I was pushed to try harder and work harder and those gave me the confidence I needed and love for who I am and the gifts I’ve been blessed with. Those experiences have benefitted me incredibly and I’m so grateful for them all and the people along the way that encouraged and believed in me and still push me to this day. I’m so grateful for the current path I’m on and look forward to reaching even bigger goals.

Have you felt accepted or like the black sheep throughout your life?

I grew up in a small rural town in Minnesota where I was one of the few
Hispanic/Latino families/students in my class and that was always something that was hard to go through. There were many times I felt different in a group setting and all I wanted was to blend in with everyone else and not be noticed as different, this made me a very shy child throughout elementary and middle school.

I thankfully found some communities and sports/club groups where I felt more comfortable in my own skin and sense of belonging.

In relation to the last question, what makes you, YOU?

I am someone who loves to meet and connect with others so much, I think doing photography is perfect for that since you are in the business of people in most cases. I can sometimes come off as shy at first but then I love to open up to others and creating that connection brings me so much joy. I am an introverted extrovert and am so proud of who I am and my background and past experiences that have shaped me.


How would you define success?

Success to me is being happy in all aspects of your life. It is the feeling that you are fulfilling your purpose and being the person that your future self would be proud of.

How often do you reflect on life? Are these thoughts enlightening?

I try to reflect a little each day or if I notice myself getting overwhelmed by the things I have to do then I think of how incredible the opportunity is and try to take some steps back to get a big-picture perspective.

Where do you feel most confident? At home? In professional environments? Nightlife?

I feel most confident whenever I am wearing makeup, hair done, and have a cute outfit on and either doing work, out with friends and family or just running errands. I think I feel most confident at home or in professional environments too.

What does work/life balance mean to you?

Being able to take a couple of days a week to rest and rejuvenate and not be thinking about work all the time. Having the space and time for myself to do things that light me up and time for self-care.

What do you think the key to having a healthy relationship with self is?

I think it is a lot of things but overall feeling good mentally, physically, and spiritually and taking time for all three is very important and trying to keep them in balance. I think everyone struggles with all three areas at times and taking time to notice when you are out of balance and fixing them right away is the key to having a healthy relationship with myself for me.

What is one thing that you value most in outside relationships? Friendships, family, romantic relationships, etc.

I value quality time and words of affirmation. Those are also my top two love languages and I value that the most in all outside relationships.

What does self-acceptance mean to you or look like to you?

To me, self-acceptance means loving yourself fully. There are so many times where we judge and pick out our flaws and I think it’s a constant battle to remind yourself that those are beautiful and a part of you that makes you unique and worthwhile. Practicing self-love and self-care is the key to self-acceptance in my opinion and what I’ve found for myself in life.

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