Street Style Highlights from Taipei’s Spring 2024 Shows

Was reading Vogue this morning… they recently covered some cool things happening with streetwear in Taipei, Taiwan. These are some really clean looks that I’d like to share as Vogue unveils the latest trends happening in the world.

Their global street style tour continues its journey, now making its way to Taipei Fashion Week, where the fashion-forward crowd has embraced a vibrant and colorful palette. Despite the city’s usual affinity for neutrals, this season brings a delightful infusion of Barbie pink and zesty lime greens, echoing a popular trend seen in fashion capitals like New York, London, Milan, and Paris.

Alongside their sartorial choices, it seems that street stylers, much like Taylor Swift herself, have been captivated by the world of football. They effortlessly embrace the sporty aesthetic by incorporating jerseys into their ensembles at the shows. However, these athletic-inspired looks are elevated with pieces from the highly anticipated Uniqlo x Marni collaboration, resulting in an ensemble that seamlessly blends fashion and athleticism.

Without further ado, take a scroll through the stunning collection of street style photos capturing the essence of Taipei’s spring 2024 shows. Prepare to be inspired by the innovative and fashionable individuals who know how to make a bold statement on the streets.

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