Tips for when you’re feeling like you “don’t got it” anymore

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We ALL have moments of feeling like we just don’t got it anymore, it comes off and on no matter our age. It may be a season of life we are in, it could be stress, uncertainty, or just being busy all the time that make us feel this way. This feeling could be a sign that we are stuck or bored with where we are in life. 

There is all these emotions and feelings that come with “I just don’t got it anymore” but I am here to tell you… THAT YOU DO.

Come along, keep reading, let’s gain our confidence and spazz back, together. 


I can recall many moments in my early 20s feeling on energized, motivated, ready to take on the world… having the feeling of “I got it”. As I approach my late 20s’ there are moments I feel like I have lost that due to failures, getting older, and doing things that society’s tells us to do. Things like, dressing a certain type of way, adulting, parenting… but little did I know that was all a lie I was telling myself.

Do you feel the same way?

I mean you have to if you are still reading this blog, right? 😉

It’s okay to evolve and grow, that doesn’t mean you have lost your sexiness or style, you are evolving as an adult, it doesn’t mean you have to now act as if you have it all together and that you no longer have fun and spice in your life.

Dress the way you want, you don’t have to switch up your style because you think it might be “age inappropriate” or “immature”, if you want to wear your crop tops and sexy dresses, do it! Laugh the way you want to, speak your mind, and be that improved version of yourself. Age doesn’t mean you have to conform to the status quo, it is what you feel on the inside that truly matters.

Here Are Some Tips To Get You Sexy Back:

Connect With Your Body

Connecting with your body and mind allows you to bring awareness back to self. Try some yoga to help with this, yoga creates stronger arousal, and you know what that means? I am bringing sexy back!!!! No seriously, try it. 

Try Wearing Something Body Conscious

Even if you don’t feel fully confident to do this outside of your home, do it inside! Wear some lingerie for the night at home, pamper yourself with some nice candles, put on your favorite perfume. Start there. This does wonders. Look yourself in the mirror and love what you see, your curves, your stretch marks from child birth, your scars… love it all!

Pamper Yourself

Yes, I know I mentioned something along the lines of this in the last tip but I think this needs its own statement. Why? Because I think we can really get away from pampering ourselves when we are going with the motion of life. Pampering yourself can mean whatever makes you feel human again! For me it’s all the girly things… yes, I know cheesy but it works. Do what makes you feel in love with yourself again and put a smile on your face. That is what pampering is all about. 


Go Somewhere You Have Never Been 

Go with your partner, a friend, or by yourself. This will allow you to experience something fresh in your life, it’s easy to get stuck in our daily routines, it gets boring and rountineish sometimes… that is no fun. Allow yourself to feel that sense of adventure and doing something new, this will bring you inspiration and joy!

 If you have came this far, round of applause. Go try some of these tips and have some fun. Bring the sexy back into your life and smile.


– Monalisa

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