What we can learn from Marylin Monroe about being softhearted


We all can agree on one thing about Marylin Monroe after being introduced to her work during the early years of our lives, she was one DREAMY. individual. Marylin understood how to embrace her soft side as a woman through her work as a public figure/celebrity. 

Marylin Monroe quickly become famous and one of the top stars of her time, by her witty, captivating feminine self, she wasn’t afraid to use her femininity which was extremely powerful during her time. It was unheard of during this time period for a woman to live outside of the norm of her era, being in the shadows, she took the spotlight by embracing her soft side.

Marilyn Monroe is known for her charming embodiment of becoming one of the world’s most famous icons in the film industry. Marylin was quite difficult to work with as she would show up late and fumble her lines more than normal, this might come as a surprise but she actually didn’t like being on stage and would have a lot of anxiety while filmmaking, she didn’t want anyone to really know who she was but also struggled with her own identity. This is an interesting point surrounding Marilyn’s legacy because we’ve all grown to embrace her legacy as a dreamy, bold, soft-hearted, powerful woman.

Like most of us, Marylin Monroe struggled with mental health but in watching how she took the film screen with grace, it’s safe to say this is something that didn’t work against her as an iconic woman in film during her era.

“When you’re famous you kind of run into human nature in a raw kind of way,” Monroe observed. “It stirs up envy, fame does. People you run into feel that, well, who is she—who is she, who does she think she is, Marilyn Monroe?”

“I wouldn’t settle for second best,” Monroe later said. “I would take home photographs of myself to study how I looked and if I could improve myself posing in front of a mirror.” 

Just as importantly, she learned how to charm others. “She made everyone she talked to feel as if he were the only one in the world,” recounted modeling agent Emmeline Snively.

Marylin Monroe knew how to captivate a room and make people feel extremely special while talking with her. One of Marylin Monroe famous quotes…

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” 

While studying Marylin Monroe, she embraced using her feminine energy to captivate people’s attention, she understood the power of being soft, kindhearted, and open-minded to possibilities. 

Although she was a superstar that had all eyes on her, behind the scenes Marilyn Monroe was a very shy, mysterious woman to everybody around her, she still held her feminine power even when quiet. 

In public, she was a savvy political operator who could turn scandal into success and personalize her publicity. “The Hollywood studio system would often create fictitious back-stories and cover-up scandals for their stars, but Marilyn was different. She was open and honest about her dysfunctional childhood, so there was a very real, flawed, human element about her that made the public relate and fall in love with her.”


Owning who you are as a woman is powerful, allowing yourself the softest in the room doesn’t take away from you, in fact, it quite makes you appealing to those around you. 

What we can learn from Marylin Monroe is to embrace our soft feminine side and watch the outcome.

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